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Thinking of Selling?
When you get ready to sell your home, you should know the facts about working with real estate agents. Knowing what to expect will help you establish a relationship of trust and confidence with your agent.

First, determine whether the agent represents the buyer or the seller. Buyer’s agents represent the interests of the buyer; seller’s agents, the interests of the seller. You can choose the representation you want. The agent that represents you has the responsibility to promote your interests, be loyal and use reasonable care, follow your lawful instructions, disclose all the material facts that may influence your decisions, and account for the funds they handle for you.

Second, determine how the agent will be paid. The seller’s agent generally charges a fee or commission to list the property, represent the seller, and sell the property. Be sure you have a written agreement on the method and amount of compensation.

Third, get the paperwork in order. The agent must provide written disclosure revealing which party the agent represents: the buyer, the seller, or both (each party must give consent to representation by a dual agent). Read all forms carefully before signing. Keep in mind that until you have a written agreement, no information you reveal to the agent is confidential.

If you choose to work with a dual agent, remember that the agent has to consider both buyer and seller fairly and equally.

Selling your home can be a challenge, NBRE has compiled a few pages to make this challenge less frustrating...

Important NBRE pages for the Home Seller:

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Preparing your Home for Showing
    Checklist | PDF 16kb *
  • Family Moving Checklist | PDF 21kb *
  • Seller's Profit Statement | PDF 15kb *
  • Helpful Phone Numbers (PDF) of the New Bern Area - Print this list out and post it by your phone.


*To view PDF documents you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader (It's Free)

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